All students must submit a certificate of fitness issued by a physician at the time of joining school. The parents must also submit dental and eye checkup report. The child must be vaccinated as per the schedule recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). If for any reason a child has missed on some vaccinations, the same may be brought to the notice of the school authorities, so that arrangements may be made by the school. Primary vaccinations and status of Boosters may also be intimated.

Children who are under any prolonged line of treatment must bring along a detailed summary and description by the treating doctor enabling the school doctor to take charge of the same. No medicines or tonics should be handed over to the children directly. The school has an expert panel of specialist doctors to handle all medical situations to ensure that children are provided the best medical treatment if the need be.

The parents/guardians are hereby understood to have agreed not to have any objection to their child/ward being offered emergency medical help or surgery if the same is advised by medical experts. Medicines, medical certificates, reports, prescriptions, are to be handed over to the Matron or sister in charge of the MI Room. The school takes particular care of the medical well being and health of the children and the children are regularly weighed and their diet is constantly reviewed, supervised, inspected and revised.